Peer And Self Assessment

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When I did the initial assessment for my learners, I could find their levels and needs. According to that I regularly give them formal and informal feedback. When I give them feedback, I use the sandwich method, which starts with positive feedback followed by negative feedback and ending with positive feedback. In addition during the lesson, I give them advice and ideas to improve their knowledge and skills for example: I often give them spelling test, I ask them to read news papers and listen to radio. When I started to do spelling test, my learners were very enthusiastic to learn them and they also thought that it was helpful, now they carry out online studies as well and I asked them to bring the work sheets to confirm they have done their…show more content…
Reflected on the use of peer and self assessment, I learnt how to assess my learners, because the assessment method would engage all my learners, the effect of the learner when we assess them, etc. In my peer assessment when I taught my peers group, I asked them questions before I gave my handouts. This made learners less confident to answer because they are all beginners/ they have never learnt the subject before. Also I did not clearly talk about health and safety issues. I had enough time to teach another topic as well but I did not prepare for it beforehand. So in my practice I considered all these concerns.
In my teaching practice one of the learners had just arrived to the U.K. When I did initial assessment for her, her writing level was extremely remarkable but she cannot speak or understand English. Bearing in mind her situation, she needed extra help; I then informed my management about the situation, also I suggested that she needed speaking and listening sessions rather than reading or writing. Then they placed her in to the right course. Also another learner was too bright to be in my class she has got excellent speaking, listening and reading skills, all she needed was writing skills. I talked to my administration and they said they are going to find a course that will suit her best. (Reflective log,
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That gives them an opportunity to assess speaking and listening skills. After finishing they needed to write all the questions and answers in the book and I did a spelling test and reading, when they read it to me I could assess their reading and writing skills. I asked them to do word counts and activities to include numeracy skills, for ICT skills they had to do research and activity sheets online. In order to teach successfully, I used many assessment methods like oral questions, work sheets, fill in the blanks, comprehension,
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