Peer Critique of Leach's Essay 'A Personal Criticism'

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Peer Critique of Leach's Essay "A Personal Criticism" Emberlynn Leach provided a thesis statement at the end of the opening paragraph, which is an appropriate location. This statement consisted of two sentences, which were "The idea is that each approach; Psychoanalytic, Reader-Response or Deconstruction, has its own significance and meaning. However, although one may approach a piece of literature from any of these critical perspective, ultimately it is the individual reader who assigns the importance and understanding of the work." Based on this thesis statement, I would expect the essay to argue for the theory that each reader will assign their own meanings to a literary work. This expectation was proven correct as I read through the rest of the essay. In addition, Leach stayed true to this thesis statement throughout the essay and no other thesis statements popped up. Leach's argument that an individual reader will determine what meaning a literary work will elicit in them, was supported by numerous quotes and references to the works of other critics. In addition, Leach relied heavily on the literary works of Maya Angelou to support her argument, whose words formed the centerpiece of this essay. Many of the quotes and paraphrasings were appropriately referenced using a parenthetical citation and page numbers, but not in all cases. The quotes and paraphrases were appropriately introduced, though. In terms of analysis and development of the main thesis, a problem

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