Peer Education Personal Statement

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I am a learner who has the desire to continuously improve myself and my peers. I am energized by the thrill of the first few facts, the early efforts to recite or practice what I have learned, and the growing confidence of a skill mastered. Peers CARE has allowed me to flourish from our trainings and the opportunity to practice in our programs. The assembly will allow me to grow my confidence of mastering the roles of a peer educator and student health topics.

The BACCHUS Initiatives of NASPA General Assembly brings peer educators from around the nation and allows us to meet like-minded individuals and renowned speakers. I am a strategic thinker who is constantly absorbing and analyzing information to help our team make decisions on our efforts and stretch our thinking for the future. Moreover, I have a strong yearning to increase my knowledge of professional resources and peer educator community resources that serve to benefit students.
I will have the opportunity to educate myself through educational sessions, keynote speakers, and featured presentations. In many cases, the information students receive are general benefits for an average student but that leaves outliers. The conference can give me detailed information about health topics for me to assist
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One of my roles as a peer educator is to be an activist by creating partnerships and networks to improve the lives of students. The conference will give Peers the space to gain new ways of thinking on different marketing strategies for program planning and tabling efforts that are working for others to improve our programming efforts. It is rare to have the opportunity to reflect with others and reminds us that our peer education programs are making an impact in our
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