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Being a Peer Leader for a first-generation class has been very impactful for the students. During IDS 310 I would hear how many classes were not talkative and would not participate much in class but that was very much different in my class. These students were wanting to learn about what our university has to offer them and were willing to listen which made my job much more impactful. I have taken advantage of such an anxious class by going over a topic each and every class. It ranged from learning about TRIO and its requirements to financial aid and how to apply to scholarships and the FASTFA. I believe that I made an impact on my students especially since I was once in their shoes as a first generation student in the College of Humanities.
On the contrary, my biggest challenge in this leadership position has been getting the students approach me with interests and problems on their own. I have completed one set of one0on0one meetings and will be starting another set this week but it seems as if the students only open up during those meetings. I will be taking the initiative to remind them that the Peer Leader position is not just a semester position but one that lasts until graduation. I will be explaining to them that as long as I am in Springfield, I will be
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Although I came with skills, I built much more during this semester as well. My public speaking has grown immensely as well as my relatability with students in the classroom and small groups. Not only have I grown in my leadership skills, I have learned a lot as well. For instance, last week we invited international students to a panel for the class and they discussed their cultures and aspects while here in America. I found myself learning more and more about our public affairs mission, especially cultural competence and I am sure the students in class have as
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