Peer Mediation

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In our everyday lives we run into many problems that are hard to fix. These problems come at any age, but the quicker they are handled, the easier they are to fix. Sometimes children can’t come to their parents about problems because they are afraid of the consequences of their actions, so they just try and handle problems on their own. This is where more problems arise. Most kids don’t talk to each other about their situations because they are either afraid to, or they don‘t have someone they can trust. Peer mediation is a program designed especially for this area of concern. This new endeavor was introduced to me through the public school system. Peer mediation is a problem-solving process that is helpful for kids of all ages (Farifax).…show more content…
“Well I think that all of those suggestions seem reasonable. So what I’m hearing is that you both just want to set your differences aside and try and get along. Remember, when you leave here you don’t have to be friends, your just setting aside your differences. So guys, can the two of you agree to try and get along? I don’t think that either of you are asking too much from each other. “Yea, I guess I can do that,” said Sherman. “And Jimmy, what about you,” I questioned. “Alright, I can do that.” he replied. “Well good. I’m glad the two of you have set aside your differences and come to an agreement to try and get along. Congratulations on a successful mediation and we will contact you guys with a follow-up survey in a week,” I said. I was actually scared to give the mediation when I first heard that Sherman and Jimmy were the students attending the session. They were a lot bigger than me and could crush me with a single hand. To my amazement, Sherman and Jimmy remained good friends from that day on. That mediation showed how this program is helpful for everyone. Trust me, if those two guys can agree to solve their differences, then anyone can. Peer Mediation, or a similar program should be implemented at every level of education. I believe, learning to communicate and solve a problem, whether with an individual or a group, is basic to living a good life. No matter where you go or what you
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