Peer Pressure And Its Effects On Adolescents

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Introduction Peers are important for the development of adolescents. As they continue to mature, adolescents have different targets for intimacy than when they were younger. The time of interaction between adolescents and their parents is lower compared to the time the adolescents spend with their friends and peers. They are even more likely to befriend those of the opposite sex. However, with peers inevitably there is peer pressure. Peer pressure has adopted a negative connotation, especially when it relates to adolescents. It may lead an adolescent towards positive outcomes or negative outcomes depending on the type of peer pressure. So, the understanding of peer pressure and its effects on adolescents is vital. In the movie, Juno by Jason Reitman, Juno MacGuff (Ellen Page) experiences peer-pressure, for example Juno goes to an abortion clinic and Su-Chin (Valerie Tian), one of Juno’s classmates, is protesting outside of the clinic stating that “babies want to get borned.” So, Juno decides not to go through with the abortion. With this in mind, Juno may have also been influenced by her peers to engage in risky sexual behavior with Paulie Bleeker (Michael Cera). This can be seen in the following instances, when Leah (Olivia Thurlby) briefly mentioned about helping a mutual friend go through an abortion, and when Juno speaks about Steve Rendazo (Daniel Clark), a Jock at her school who she says “secretly wants [her],” and when Juno heads over to her friend Leah’s house
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