Peer Pressure, Conformity And Rebellion Essay

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Peer Pressure, Conformity and Rebellion

How does peer pressure, conformity, and Rebellion affect Adolescents in society?

Karla Rios
Prof: Jocelyn Castillo
Social Psychology Fall 2016
New Jersey City University

The purpose of this literature review paper is to navigate and explore different effects in society towards peer pressure, conformity and rebellion. This study attempts to answer the following research questions: How does peer pressure, conformity, and rebellion affects adolescents in society? The main goal of this review is to have knowledge of the effects of this three concepts such as: peer pressure, conformity and rebellion.
Key Words: Peer pressure, conformity, rebellion

Have you ever wondered why most people have a tendency of following the dictates of the majority only to have a feeling of satisfaction? It is normal for adolescents to have the need of feeling accepted in society. Adolescents are capable of doing anything just to belong in a group they would want to feel accepted, they would do what it takes no matter the results of it. Most of the time this results happen to be life changing, leading adolescents to accept peer pressure, conformity, which then will advance to rebellion. These adolescents will eventually end up having a problematic and self- damaging life with avoidable consequences. Adolescent can be influence by peer to change even their appearance for example, clothes plays a huge role when a peer is not
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