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All of us have dealt with peer pressure in a time in our lives, whether it's from our parents, our friends or our enemies, it has put us in a position to fit in with others and feel part of the group. Peer pressure is the direct influence on people by peers and individuals who change their peer's minds to agree with others in fear, changing their response from being pressured. There are many reasons as to why people would change their opinions or behaviors such as conformity and obedience. They are some of the main points as too why we respond in the way we do with the people around us.
One reason under social pressure is conformity, which is to change the belief or opinion in someone to fit into a group of people. I took a psychology class in high school my junior year. My teacher put up the line test on the board and had us do 6 running tests. He took random students from the hallway and had them sit in the back of the class. During the first few test
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Obedience is the influence where individual acts in response to a direct order. We obey orders and do as we are told by authority or our friends and family. the Standford Prision Experiment is an example of obedience. College students were split up into 2 groups of officers and prisoners. Over the course of 2 weeks, the prisoner's suffered intense emotional stress by obeying orders from the officers in their own powerlessness. We have changed our thoughts on conformity based on our views over time. We obey laws and orders because we do not want the negative consequences that follow it.
Obedience and conformity have big impacts on the way we respond to our social groups and authority. Whether we have different opinions or fears from them, we tend to change our minds and go along with everyone else to fit in and be the norm. Social pressure, while it may not be talked about often, is something we deal with in our everyday lives and seem to have conformed to it as
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