Peer Review, 3 : Juliann Zheng

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Peer Review 3: Juliann Zheng Cognition: This argument is definitely justificatory and you adhere to the genre. You address your audience well, and the comparison and contrast you provide is very effective. However, I am still not entirely sure what your proposition is. It feels as though each paragraph is a small argument that can stand on its own, but the common thread linking them all is just the structure. It isn’t until the conclusion that I can get an idea of what your point is. I think a clear introductory paragraph would really help to avoid confusion. Score: 3 Invention: As I stated in the cognition section, this is clearly a justificatory argument. However, as I said in the cognition section, I think that the main issue is that your proposition does not seem to be clear. Your reasons and evidence are good and thorough. They are fitting for a justificatory argument. Score: 3 Reasoning: Within each paragraph, your reasoning is very strong. You make a claim and support it with appropriate evidence. You do a good job of making and explaining connections between Venice and United States. You make good points about their similarities and differences. The one thing I think is missing is the common thread holding all of your paragraphs together. They are all clearly about the link between Venice and America, but I don’t see an overarching claim. In your conclusion, what you’re trying to argue becomes more apparent, but it would be nice to be sure of what it is that you are

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