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INTRODUCTION Anxiety is a debilitating mental illness that affects a large number of Australians, the majority of which are women1. The health resource ‘Anxiety: learn, think, do,’ is an article which has been published in the Jean Haile’s magazine1, to assist women in particular in recognising when anxiety has become a problem for them, and what to do in this instance. The purpose of this report is to evaluate the suitability and appropriateness of this health resource for women as an audience, to establish the articles focus, level of health literacy and evidence base. The report will be structured to explain the context of the resource, followed by a critique, recommendations for the resource from a health promoting perspective and a summary…show more content…
The Australian Psychological Society offers similar definitions of different types of anxiety disorders (reference, however, some of the ‘practical tips’ offered by the resource, such as ‘take some time out’ or ‘eat something nutritious’ fail to have scientific proof behind them. The resource also fails to provide any useful references as to where it has garnered its information from, or where an individual can find further…show more content…
It moves beyond a focus on individual behaviour towards a wide range of social and environmental interventions’ (reference This resource focusses primarily on the individual and social causes of anxiety, and doesn’t explain the complex interaction of family, group and population level determinants, which could be included if this resource was to become more health promoting.
In order to incorporate a health promotion focus, the article could identify how social determinants such as employment issues can impact on anxiety. It has been shown that when employers and employees undertake initiatives to create better work environments, and to promote good mental health among employees, that levels of anxiety and depression among the work force were significantly reduced (reference
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