Peer-Reviewed Journal Analysis

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For me the hardest part of this the paper was finding the references. I struggled to find the peer reviewed journals. I ended up using the library references to find the peer reviewed journals. Once I found the web page to search the key words I was able to pull up peer reviewed journals. The paper that was provided by Professor Glenn was also very helpful. The emotional aspect of this paper was challenging. However, the paper allowed me to come to a better understanding of myself. For the first couple of stages I had to ask my parents about what I did. My mom enjoyed talking to me about my childhood. Reflecting on my past help me appreciate the life my parents provide for me. The stages I am in presently were easy to talk about. I did not have to ask other people about these years, I was able just to reflect on what I have done and see if I reached the goal. For the stages I have not reached I got to reflect on what I hope to…show more content…
This section gave me hope to reach higher goals. When I was disusing my values I started remembering pass struggles I had to overcome. I had to work hard to get my grades and to find a job. I worked hard to earn my scholarship and keep my grades high while working. During the paper I also realized how supportive my family is. My parents support me every day. I get encouraging phone calls from my grandparents. Also, my cousins help me when I need their help. The socioeconomic section was confusing for me because I haven’t heard of it prior to this class. However, I learned a lot about socioeconomics and was able to apply it to my life. My favorite section of the paper was the last section impact. It was the easiest section to write because it was all opinion based. Also, I have never struggled to explain why I want to be a social worker. This paper helped me reflect on my pass and
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