Peer Support Research Paper

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The foremost quality of a good peer listener is that they take genuine interest in the experiences and feelings of their peers. They do so by truly engaging with and actively listening to their peer. This means asking questions and responding in ways that are non-judgemental and recognizing where the other person is coming from. Moreover, good peer listeners acknowledge what their peers have revealed, regardless of the factual accuracy of what was said. They withhold premature judgements and biases and do not try to invalidate their peers’ perceptions. Another important aspect of good peer-support is respect for the peer’s privacy and maintaining the confidentiality of the relationship. I have demonstrated these qualities numerous times during my time at McMaster. Last semester, for example, a friend went through a difficult breakup with a long term girlfriend. We had…show more content…
It is a state where I am fully aware of myself and my surroundings. That is, when I am truly present in the moment and when I am able to appreciate and focus on the fact that the glass is half full rather than half empty. Mental health is when I possess full strength to fight off the monsters known as stress and anxiety. Mental health is when I feel optimistic about my path forward and when I am able to wake up everyday, feeling ready to take on the world. However, maintaining good mental health is not a one man game. I believe that our social networks including peer support play a great role in it. Our lives, especially those of university students, are physically and more importantly, psychologically demanding. Having strong peer supports allows us to talk and let out our fears, anxieties, and tensions. That alone can relieve a lot of psychological stress and prevent it from building up. Peer support can facilitate our abilities to reflect on how privileged we are and reminds us that we are not alone in our struggles, which also enhances our mental
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