Peewee: A Case Study

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In 1967, a seventeen year old African American from Harlem graduated from a black high school. His name was Richie Perry. Living with his younger brother Kenny and mother, with unclear future goals and no money for college Richie decides to join the army. He finishes basic training and is sent to Vietnam. During training Richie is injured and wasn’t supposed to go but his paperwork got messed up and was sent to war anyway. On the plane ride there he meets a nurse named Judy Duncan, but when they land they separate. When Richie first gets there he’s meets a cocky man named Harold Gates but people call him Peewee. They are assigned to the same squad and become friends. Later, they’re squad is sent to a camp near Chu Lai. At the base they meet…show more content…
During the mission Richie is shot in the leg and is sent to a hospital. In the hospital Judy Duncan is stationed there and catches up with Richie. During recovery Richie thinks about absent without leave because he does not want to be scared and fear battle. Richie also receives the Purple Heart and sends it home to his little brother Kenny. When recovered Richie decides to go back and rejoin his squad. When he returns he learns that Sergeant Simpson has been sent home. The last mission Richie goes on is in North Vietnam to face the Vietcong. During the mission on a river side a shooting occurs against the squad and the Vietcong. Richie and Peewee are wounded, Peewee is sent straight into surgery and Richie is waiting to go in. After surgery Richie wakes up and sees a nurse. He asks her how his leg is and the nurse said “You won’t be dancing on it for awhile, but it’ll come around. Richie sees Peewee two days later and Peewee said that he is being sent back to the states. Both are sent home. The theme of the book is “Friends are always there”, because during all the missions and tensions between Richie and Peewee they always stayed together through the easy and hard times during war. In the book Richie sets the tone by speaking with fear and horror of the
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