Peformance Evaluation

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Introduction The contents of this paper will reveal the performance evaluation process and how can it become successful during the employee evaluation process. As well as is the process difficult from the manager or the employee perspective’s by also the revealing various traits of an effective manager in the workplace. After reading some material in our text regarding this subject as well as other research from various outsides sources, I did come across why mangers do not like giving a performance evaluation. Let’s first discuss why some managers find the performance evaluation process difficult and why some detests this particular process when the time comes for it. In my opinion the performance management system are supposed…show more content…
I also would like to point out that some managers tend to forget that at one time they use to be on the receiving end of receiving a performance evaluation and needs to remember how it that felt to now do the same time to someone else at the beginning of their career. There are managers that do struggle with the evaluation process; in further research Watkins suggests “One of the paradoxes of leadership development is that people earn promotions to senior functional levels predominantly by being good at blocking and tackling, but employees with strategic talent may struggle at lower levels because they focus less on the details” (Watkins, 2012). In my opinion some just do not want to be labeled the dream killer since the majority or a performance evaluation is to see if that employee is ready for the next step and if he or she is capable to take on more responsibility. In my opinion some elements to a having successful employee process is by having and giving a clear understanding to its employees while giving them the chance to provide feedback in planning the evaluation and reorganization the process in order to warrant that the standards for accomplishment are both unbiased and realistic. Including employees in the review process produces an understanding of its true purpose and inspires willing input. According to our text it suggests the idea that “Training to eliminate certain types of errors often introduces other types of errors
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