Pen Versus the Sword (Peace Versus Violence) in World History: The Pen is Mightier!

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The pen is mightier than the sword The pen influences your mind peacefully. Weapons do not. They tend to violate every path of human kind. The pen influences more people than the sword and has more impact on their lives. The power of the sword is negative destruction of life, and the sword has only caused problems during its reign of power. Early man relied on their muscle power. In fight the for existence, it was survival of the fittest. Gradually man became civilized and progressed in society. The fate of nations was shaped by wars and gradually man realized that weapons cannot solve problems. “Weapons could kill a man but cannot bring change to his mind” (Goldsmith, 46). The French citizens made a big mistake by…show more content…
Although he made powerful enemies, Voltaire never stopped fighting for tolerance, reason, freedom, freedom of religion, beliefs, freedom of speech. He used his quill pen as if it were a deadly weapon in a thinkers war against humanities worst enemies-intolerance, prejudice and superstation .he summed up his staunch defense of liberty in one of his most famous quote “I do not agree with a word you say but will defend to the death your right to say it” (Marvin, par-1). “And so philosophers bought a huge impact on the French revolution. “No clash of arms could achieve what great man through their writing has achieved” (Abbey, par-4). Renaissance means the rebirth of learning it was caused by the ideas and the thought of man Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Michelangelo were the true renaissance man renaissance man a renaissance man is the a person with many talents or interests, esp. in the humanities. The renaissance has spread learning, technology and beauty the renaissance was a period of the pen. Writing has helped man to store and spread his thoughts beliefs and ideas after the development of the printing press by Johannes Guttenberg, the printing press became the most powerful weapon of mankind. The printing press had a bigger impact then the invention of the first personal computer if the printing press was not invented ideas would not have spread and learning would not have spread which would have caused lack of education, lack in interest of education because

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