Penal Injustice

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Today in the United States a convicted criminal can lose their basic rights because of a simple drug charge. No longer will they be a free man or woman, but someone under control of the government. They lose their rights to vote and serve on juries which can then disincentive them from attempting to be a law abiding, citizen since they know they will be permanently labeled as second class. This legalized discrimination is then be paired with tactics like inaccessible parole officers, wage garnishing, and unwarranted stop and frisks. These actions can prevent former criminals from buying basic necessities, meeting their parole officers in a timely fashion and can ultimately cause them to end up in the penal system once again. After reading this work I can see that the current American Justice institution has been…show more content…
With our collective knowledge I am sure that many students will have the desire to push forward a call for compressive reform. One of the reason I chose Wesleyan was because of the abundance of activism on campus, and I hope the topics in this work will be the subject of marches, and discussions on campus. I also feel that everyone who has read this work will be more conscious of the instions around them. Like I said earlier, I feel as if I have been blindly supporting this system, and I am sure I am not the only one who was. In effect, I expect the Wesleyan community to be more watchful and critical of decisions made by the government, and campus administration. As a student body we will evaluate all forms of legislation thoroughly to ensure that we are not blindsided by any colorblind, or divisive regulations. I believe the issues raised in this book have done more than just see the hidden racism in government organization, but challange to look at systems in a deeper and more critical
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