Penalties for Driving Under the Influence Essay

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DUIs have blindly taken lives of citizens, and the punishment for this crime does not meet its destruction. In Mississippi, the first offense of a DUI carries only a ninety-day license suspension. Drunk drivers kill people every year. If DUI punishment became stricter, and careless drunk drivers paid the full consequence of their wrongdoing, the number of people killed by drunk drivers would decrease. Some argue that if the government strengthened DUI laws, it would have an economically negative effect on a city’s social drinking aspect; however, DUI laws would have a direct effect on repeated offenders and drinkers who disregard the law.
Some people argue that if stricter DUI laws existed, it will only have a negative financial effect on …show more content…

Lee explains that even though offenders get punished, they still disregard the law: “Only until the time comes that we recognize that drunk driving should have serious consequences on the first offense (license taken away, car impounded, jail time, higher insurance rates) will we be able to reduce drunk driving and make ourselves safer” (Lee). As long as DUI punishment for first offenders remains the same, people will continue to ignore the law. If the government made stricter DUI laws, then people would think twice before driving under the influence. In an online newspaper at New Mexico Tech, an editor tries to convince a people that getting in vehicles while intoxicated puts lives in danger. In Victoria Carreon’s article, “The Social Consequences of Drinking and Driving,” she reminds her fellow students of what they should think about while drinking: “One tip is simply to not drive after drinking and to remember that even a small amount of alcohol can make a difference” (Carreon). A person’s BAC can become to high to drive by drinking as little as one beer. Lives lost in drunk driving can decrease if people under the influence would know whether or not they should drive. Law enforcement faces the problem of having repeat offenders on the road after their first offense. In the website, Ignition Interlock Device, the author stresses that repeated offenders ignore the law, and

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