Pendulum Lab

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UNIVERSITY OF TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO Point Lisas Campus, Esperanza Road, Brechin Castle, Couva, Trinidad, W.I.

Program: National Engineering Technician Diploma Course code: ENSC 110D Class: Petroleum Lab Title: Pendulum with a yielding support Instructor: Mrs. Sharon Mohammed Full time Name: Kirn Johnson Student ID: 58605 Date: 28/10/2012
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This could be prevented if the person who is counting the oscillations also times them themselves.

Objectives 1. To conduct a lab experiment for the oscillations of a pendulum with a yielding support 2. investigate the simple pendulum 3. To prove that the distance (m) is directly proportional to period.

Theory states that T and d are related by the equation: T2 = kd3+ (4π2 l)/g where g is the acceleration of free fall and k is a constant.

Apparatus and Material:
1. Stop clock
2. Hacksaw blade
3. String
4. Pendulum
5. Clamps holding blade
6. Table

Procedure/Method 1. The length of the string holding the bob was recorded

2. The time taken for the pendulum to complete 20 oscillations was found and recorded. 3. The position of the plate was adjusted and the previous step was repeated 3 times for 6 different distances. 4. An average was found based on these 3 values. 5. Values for T2 and d3 were calculated.


Analysis/ Discussion

The average was taken to increase accuracy = (31.50+31.47+31.44)3 = 94.413 = 31.47s
The time for one oscillation was found by dividing the amount of oscillations (20) done by the time taken for them= 31.4720 = 1.57s
The taking 2 points from the graph, (11.8 x 10-3, 2.45), (7 x 10-3, 2.36)
Gradient= y2- y1x2- x1
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