Penelope's Dark Circles: A Narrative Fiction

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After returning home to Ithaca and removing all the animals from my palace, I was finally able to spend time with my beloved wife Penelope. She aged since the last time I’d seen her. There were dark circles under her eyes, and she was much thinner. I knew I caused this; I felt terribly sorry. But nevertheless, she is still my beautiful queen. Her silky dark locks of hair fell around her lovely cheekbones. It wasn't just her hair or her high jawline that got me. Oh no, it was her eyes. She has the eyes that you can look into and get lost within its bottomless depths. She has the alluring grey eyes long lashes. It’s not just the unique color that I love, it is also the passion, the faith, the strength, and the knowledge that are held within…show more content…
I started digging into the soil of the first tomb. The night air was chilly. I quickly digged into the ground hopping I would complete this before the morning comes. The soil was easy to dig through due to the fact the bodies were not buried long ago.
I suddenly turned around expecting to see someone behind me, but nobody was there.
Crunch Crunch
I yelled out, “Who’s there?” Was it the guilt of killing all these men getting to me? No, definitely not, I thought to myself, I am Odysseus, I fought in the Trojan War, I’ve been through heaven and hell, I should not be scared of anything.
I slowly took the body out of the ground. Even though the face was no longer recognizable, the eyes still stared into space, blank yet accusing. There was a strong smell of decaying flesh. I took out my pocket knife and sliced through the clothes first and peeled it off the body. There it was, the body, covered with dried blood. I counted to three in my mind as I stabbed my knife into the suitor’s chest.
The knife went through the ribs.
Crack crack
I dragged the knife down his chest.
Crack crack
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