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One of the greatest medical discoveries of all time was discovered on accident. But how did penicillin become such a widely used medicine?

To begin with, penicillin was accidentally discovered by Alexander Fleming in 1928. As stated in, “The discovery of penicillin: the true story,” ….. Fleming had gone on a month long vacation, and while away, a stray mold spore came through an open window and landed on one of the many bacterial cultures Fleming had not put away before he left.” The series of events leading to the discovery were not all natural. Fleming had put the cultures in a tray of lysol to soak after succinctly looking over. When a former lab member came to visit Fleming. He showed him some cultures and noticed that one looked
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But they were certainly not the last. As stated in,” The history of penicillin, “ It was not until 1939 that Dr. Howard, a future nobel laureate, and three colleges at Oxford University began intensive research and were able prove penicillins ability to kill infectious. “ They helped to produce large amounts when grown in deep vat, submerged conditions.” In 1941, Andrew J. Moyer had succeeded, in increasing the yields of penicillin ten times. In 1943 clinical trials were performed and penicillin was shown to be the most effective antibacterial agent to date. On May 25, 1948 Moyer was granted a patent for a method of mass production of penicillin..

Lastly, In 1938, Howard Florey and Ernst chain began to study penicillin. They believed there were benefits to penicillin. As stated in the discovery of penicillin; the true story” They believed there were medical potentials in penicillin.: The reason why they were interested in penicillin and how it could be used on human is because, a drug was needed to reduce bacterial infections on soldiers. When they found penicillin was safe to use on humans, it was mass produced, and saved many lives.

In conclusion, The discovery of penicillin changed modern medicine, It was a series of many events that led to penicillin being widely used today as an effective medicine. Help and saving
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