Penicillium Growth Lab Report

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This lab about the growth of penicillum. Whether it grows faster on cold objects or warm objects. If it even grows at all. When in certain temperatures and places the bacteria will grow and spread. My hypothesis is when the I leave the orange, lemon, and cotton ball in a dark warm space the bacteria will grow at a faster rate than in the cold. Penicillium has over 200 species. It's usually found in dirt, rotting fruit, and dead plants. Some people refer to it as black mold. I had 2 cotton balls, 2 lemons, and 2 oranges. I rubbed all 6 of the items on the floor and let them sit for a day in a fruit bowl. I put one of each in 2 seperate bags after the day was up and one of them I put in the refridgerator and the other I put in the corner of
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