Penn State Scandal Essay

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Penn State Scandal

Everything was looking good for Joe Paterno and Penn State football as his football managing career rose with an overall record of 298-136-3 but in 2011, all that changed. Back in 2000 a janitor of Penn State witnessed Sandusky receiving oral sex from a young boy, the janitor reported what he saw to co-workers and his supervisor but none of these men reported these actions to authorities. It wasn’t until November 5, 2011 that Sandusky was arrested on a $100,000 bail and up to 40 criminal counts. ESPN were quickly in the scene to investigate and report the allegations on Sandusky. They quickly reported saying Sandusky was charged with more than 50 counts of child sex-abuse involving 10 boys he met through The Second
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Governor, Tom Corbett took action and warned students to refrain from any violence and should monitor their behavior. "The crowd initially was a peaceful demonstration against Coach Paterno's firing. The crowd quickly turned from a peaceful demonstration to a riotous mob," State College police said in a statement. "The mob attempted to light vehicles on fire, and tore down light posts and street signs." (Klopman) University officials reminded the students that their actions are affecting the family of the victims and other victims in the community that were sexually abused. Assistant coach, Mike McQueary testified to the grand jury in December 2010 that he saw Sandusky sodomize a naked boy of about 10 years old in the football team's locker room shower in 2001. The jury quickly saw his testimony more credible than Curley’s and Schultz’s. Because of this, Penn State placed Mike on administrative leave. “McQueary testified in a grand jury investigation that eventually led to child sex-abuse charges being filed against former defensive coordinator Jerry Sandusky. The ensuing scandal brought down longtime coach Joe Paterno, who was fired by university trustees amid growing criticism that he should have done more to stop the alleged abuse.” (Marklein) McQueary changed his story saying he e-mailed his friends and

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