Penn State Scandal

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The Impact of Race and Ethnicity at Penn State
Kyle Schafer
Southern New Hampshire University

The Impact of Ethnicity at Penn State
Today’s society faces various factors that include ethnicity, race, culture and gender that have impacts on individual’s or organization’s decisions. Race and ethnicity present in education is a very profound barrier to equality, equality access to all globally (Zajda & Freeman, 2009). Penn State University is no exception and a scandal that occurred in the school clearly defines this. The purpose of this paper is to assess the impacts of race and ethnicity on child abuse scandal at Penn State in 2011.
The incident
A grand jury report that contained the testimony of Jerry Sandusky, assistant coach at
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These bills are serving the purpose of expanding the definition of child abuse, and also require that there be increase in the reporting of any suspected abuse. The child abuse laws are laws providing rules that are meant to hold any individuals that brings harm to a child accountable of the actions against said child. In the bills passed, child abuse is not only limited to physical harm to the child, but now include emotional harm, sexual exploitation and actions or failure to take actions that could lead to the child facing risk and danger (, 2017). With such bills in place, potential predators who are still out there will be scared and they shall not dream of trying to abuse any…show more content…
The incident that revolved around the sexual abuse of the young children by an elder, Jerry Sandusky. This incident has several social impacts as assessed. The scandal brought about change that no one thought could happen!

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