Penn State's PA Program Analysis

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I seek a physician assistant program that will help me to reach my goal of becoming an excellent clinician. In order for me to reach my goal, there are certain criteria specific to my learning style that I deem imperative for a PA program to have. These criteria include a small class size that will promote a positive learning environment, curriculum that is reinforcing, and goals of preparing students to be leaders, educators and clinicians who consider each patient as a whole. Penn State’s PA Program meets these criteria, which lead to my decision to apply.
Among my ideal aspects of a PA program, the small class size is one of my top criteria. During my years spent as an undergraduate it became apparent to me that I learn more easily in a smaller class size. Feeling comfortable interacting with and asking questions of both instructors and classmates has consistently been more productive for my ability to learn, and this comfort is more readily achieved by small class sizes. The smaller student-to-instructor ratio provides many benefits: more opportunity for asking questions, the increased interaction with faculty allows for the development of strong relationships, and instructors are more cognizant of
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The repetition of subjects in the pre-clinical year provides reinforcement of acquired knowledge, which I find beneficial for remembering material. This component is further reinforced by the team-based learning principles, which provides the interactive learning and testing that will allow me to reassess my approach to critical thinking. Penn State’s pedagogical success is evident in the strong PACKRAT performance, which gives me confidence that I would receive substantial training as a student. Also, the curriculum of this program emphasizes primary care, which will sufficiently prepare me for the PANCE and provide me the knowledge I need to practice in an underserved
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