Penshoppe Marketing Plan

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I. Executive Summary
Based on the report researching by the Price Water House, the Golden ABC Inc. becomes the third largest industry of apparels, accessories, cosmetics, and fragrance in the Philippines. However, the performance of the company in 2011 seemed lower a bit than the performance in 2010 approximately twenty-three percent. To improve this outputs raising the net income and creating the brand images with the target market, the company should follow the marketing objectives like introduce Penshoppe’s product lines to the prospective customers, raise awareness to enlarge the penetrated market and boost the brand recall convincing the target markets, redeem and keep maximum profits and minimum tax burden with cost saving, develop
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In 2002, it was elevated to the Hall of Fame from the same award giving body.
Penshoppe products have entered the international market and this may be evidenced by their use of foreign celebrities to endorse their products. The brand previously had Mandy Moore as an endorser in 2001 and recently in 2011, they hired Ed Westwick to be the face of the company. In addition, Penshoppe tied up with a New York-based Filipino designer, Robin Tomas, in launching a new line of men and women’s tops.
After 26 years, Penshoppe has become a purveyor of high-quality fashion at affordable prices, with no less than Efron, Ed Westwick and Mauro Maurer as its image models. They adapted to the demands of the market and raised the desirability and value of the brand. From a simple t-shirt, it has become a lifestyle brand. Penshoppe has spawned other brands such as the edgy Oxygen, Memo for office wear, and ForMe for women of different body types. To further raise its image, Golden ABC Inc., has acquired Regatta, the aspirational casual wear, and Tyler, the premium brand.
In the Philippines, Golden ABC’s brands ended 2011 with 500 stores. It is targeting 600 stores by year end. The company also ventured into direct selling with its Red Logo label and a Consumer Group division that sells fragrance and cosmetics under the Acquabella label. The company grew by an estimated 60 percent in 2010. With the

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