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Ashlee Oliver
Theology IV
Mr. Boyle
1 November 2012
Pentecostalism originated in 1901 in Topeka, Kansas. A woman named Agnes Ozman claimed to become baptized with the Holy Spirit of God, and she started to speak in an unknown “tongue”. After this event occurred, multiple events like these occurred in other places. This practice of Pentecostalism was an addition to the Holiness Movement. In 1906, in Los Angeles, California, there was more documentation of “tongues” being spoken. Having the experience of speaking in other languages is called glossolalia. At the Azusa Street Mission, blacks and whites gathered together for worship, which spread the early Pentecostal Movement. During this time the
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In the 1940s, Pentecostals began to find acceptance. Before the 1960s, there were some non-Pentecostal people who had been baptized with the Holy Spirit of God. Most of these people decided that they would then keep it a secret but later join the Pentecostal Church. Around this time the theme of Classic Pentecostalism had somewhat shifted. This became known as New Pentecostalism. At this time there was the start of the Charismatic Movement. The supporters of the Charismatic Movement started to stray people away from the traditional beliefs of Classic Pentecostalism. More recently, there is a third wave of Pentecostalism that consists of non-Pentecostal Christians whose beliefs are mainly swayed towards the beliefs of Traditional Christianity. This third wave of Pentecostalism was founded by C. Peter Wagner. These non-Pentecostal Christians follow the practices of Traditional Christianity, but they believe in the Spiritual gifts of God and the works of God. Members of the third wave of Pentecostalism do not see being baptized by the Holy Spirit of God as an indicator. This third wave of Pentecostalism is better known as the Vineyard Movement. Kenn Gulliksen and John Wimber are two very important people who are associated with the Vineyard Movement. In the 1980s Gulliksen and Wimber joined ministries. Vineyard churches were churches that focused on modern-day prophecies. Some prophecies failed. Therefore, John Wimber decided that the Vineyard ministries should focus their
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