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It is exciting taking over my first principal job at Scott Larry Middle School. Principals do not seem to last at this school, and I am hoping to change that. It is a large school of approximately 1200 students and located in an urban setting. My student body is very diverse with about 35% of my students being Hispanic, 30% African-American, and 10% Asian. Few things concern me in my new position and are at the top of my list to change. First of all, I am quite concerned about the staff turnover rate each year. Secondly, the PTO is practically nonexistent at my school, and that has an effect on the learning environment. The last issue at the top of my list is how my school is losing white students. Parents are electing to send their kids to…show more content…
An active learning environment needs parents and educators working together. As campus principal, I may not agree with PTO leadership, but it’s important to be committed and work together for the best of the students. Communication is the key, and as the new principal of this campus, I want to reach out to all my parents and encourage them to get involved along with my staff. I need to attend PTO meetings, along with PTO events. Meeting with the group president and other members to review goals, anticipate and resolve conflicts will benefit our school and students. As a campus leader, I know that an active PTO can provide funds and volunteers for field trips, classroom supplies, and fundraising ideas. In my opinion, an active PTO brings the community, parents, students, and educators together to create a better learning environment for the…show more content…
The white student population over the years has dropped, and that is a major concern of mine. I want a diverse school where students of all races can come and receive a quality education. Many of the parents in my district are sending their children to private schools, and it is their right to do so, but I feel there are benefits to attending a campus that is multicultural. Students that attend a school that is diverse prepares them for society. Students learn better to navigate adulthood in an increasingly diverse society if they attend diverse schools (Wells, Fox, & Cordova-Coba, 2016). Furthermore, students that attend multicultural schools can help reduce racial bias. As principal, I want to set up meetings with parents of the community and discuss the benefits of a diverse student body. A report that came out in 2011, from the National Assessment of Educational Progress, shows that students in culturally diverse schools have higher average test scores plus diverse schools help reduce racial achievement gaps (“The Benefits of Socioeconomically,” 2016). I want my school to be a place where everyone feels confident and safe when they enter the building. I have high expectations for all students, and I encourage my staff to challenge students academically. We need to prepare students with 21st- century skills and utilize the different tools in technology. We are a team, and family at
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