People Are Not Good At Heart Analysis

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Humanity is hopeless people are destroying themselves. What will be the world in years? People are naturally born evil and selfish. People are evil and selfish it is hard to see it but you can start seeing it sooner or later. Based on the information gathered in module 4 most people are not good at heart because people are naturally selfish and evil. People are born selfish. “Mr. VanDaan he goes to the food safe and again lights a match. Then cautiously opens the safe taking out a half-loaf of bread” (Goodrich and Hackett 341). People want things perfect for themselves. People will push others out of the way to get things they need. Mr. VanDaan saw that Peter’s stomach was growling at night yet still Mr. VanDaan took the bread. Selfishness is a reason why people are not good at heart. The Genocides show the worst in…show more content…
People are not perfect therefore they still have evil and selfishness naturally born with also people blame and scold others to make themselves feel better. “Dussel – every night she twists and turns. I don’t sleep. I spend half of my night shushing her and now it is the nightmares!” (Goodrich and Hackett 310). Despite all the circumstances Mr. Dussel is mad at Anne because he wants to sleep therefore he is scolding her and blaming her. Blaming others or scolding, that people can feel better is a last reason why people are not good at heart. People are not good at heart from all the reasons summarized. People are selfish naturally taking what they need and not what others need. People are naturally evil the genocides show the worst in that no one can let these things happen but they do happen. The last reason is that people will blame and scold each other to make themselves feel better, from that there will be more depression and other things related. That is why, most people are not good at heart because of there evilness, selfishness, and blaming and scolding
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