People Can Not Live Without Smart Phones

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People cannot live without smart phones. I remember as I was growing up my childhood was full of activities, sun and fun, I didn 't really care for technology or the outcome of mobile phones, but once I 've seen that everybody was getting one I wanted one too but my parents would not allow me to own one, they barley let me use theirs to play games, and even when they allowed me to play games on their phones my time was limited it would not exceed 10 minutes! I got my own cellphone by the time I was 15 years-old. First, most people cannot live without smart phones due to addiction. Just as a drug addict cannot go a day without a fix. Most smart phone users cannot go for even a half an hour without checking their mobiles. A psycho9logist from the University o9f Florida refers to cell phones as an “addiction”, she says: “that when most people hear” Turn off your cell phones and pagers” get anxious and anxiety because the fact that being out of touch for any period of time can make them feel sick”(Birdwell,2007) in other words people fre4ak out when they are told to keep their phones away and actually feel sick to their stomach. People have the need to stay connected to thye world, they would constantly check their phones every 5 to 10 minutes. An assistant professor of psychiatry in the UF co9llege of medicine says: “despite the idea of mobile phones and pagers make life easier, they are meddling into people’s lives who don’t know when to stop using them.”(Melro,2007). The use
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