People Change in Night by Elie Wiesel Essay

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Night. It’s mostly a black darkness, but the stars and the moon can light it up. Night is also what Elie Wiesel felt during his experience in World War 1. This experience was a dull experience, filled with violence and black darkness in the hearts of the Germans. But, there were “stars and a moon” which were his Father and friends who lit up parts of this experience. But, the experience caused his heart to change in more ways then one. It changed who remained dear to him, his thinking, and his way of life. It practically changed his whole life, and he was no longer seen as the same Elie that was he was before. In the beginning, he had many stars to light up this black experience, but one by one these stars disappeared. Slowly, but surely…show more content…
That was the point where he lost all faith. After that, even when everyone else was fasting, he refused to. This was also part due to the fact that his father would not let him. But, in his mind, he saw it that even if his father would have allowed him to, he still would not have. The way of life that the old Elie lived by was to always respect those around him. But, that Elie no longer existed. He learnt that it was every man for himself, and no longer cared as much to help those around him, but cared more about himself and his father. At one point, near the end, Elie’s father was dieing, but Elie still went to fetch his father a portion of soup each day. Despite the fact that keeping his father alive was making him suffer, he carried on. Even after people told him that he should stop, he didn’t listen. But, if he had stopped feeding his father, then that would have added another bowl of soup for another day for someone, but he refused to think about how it would benefit others, and only thought of himself and his father. So, even though Elie realized his changes, and the fact that his sky was getting dark, he still continued to change. Taking small steps in the darkness, until he could survive without the light anymore, and could get around without falling over. At this point, he had gone too far to turn back, and just had to deal with his changes. He had learnt the reasons for his
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