People Do A Lot Of Things Nowadays Essay

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People do a lot of things nowadays. Experienced or inexperienced, expert or beginner. It doesn’t matter experts had the same mistakes beginners do at the beginning. It’s part of life to fall and getting back up. We are born to make mistakes and learn from our mistakes. “Experience simply is the name we give our mistakes”. Simple jobs such as fast food restaurant to companies located at the biggest building in the city. Requires experience and mistakes from the past. For example, I started working at Sonic restaurant. Which after 6 months I was the best employee from there. After two months they were amazed on how good and fast I was. But it took me a lot of mistakes to became the best. Such as the ones a committed my first week of work. I was nervous, I had never worked with people I didn 't know at all. My hands were sweaty and my face was red after everybody was staring at me because I was new. I didn 't know what to do, I was told to memorize the cups sizes and the fountain drinks and to try to read what it said on a black screen. Which everything was abbreviated, so everything could fit. I thought it was going to be impossible to memorize hundreds of abbreviations of drinks. I started making drinks that I was able to recognize, but at the same time overthinking everything I did. If it was right? Did it have the right ingredients? And the right amount? I didn’t know if they were right, but I tried my best. In one occasion, it said ocean water. I stood there thinking

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