People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals Research Paper

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People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is an organization who fights against animal cruelty. It informs people about the issues with animals. It also compares animal cruelty to drastic events such as slavery, the Holocaust, World War II, etc. It has a history of proving what is humane. The website excerpt titled "Circuses: Three Rings of Abuse" from the website is effective for its audience of animal rights people, people who go to the circus or support them and others who are concerned about the circus for the following reasons: usage of rhetorical and stylistic techniques, the use of pathos and getting information from former circus employees. However, it is unreasonable for the following reasons: it was unfair with involving …show more content…

The information shows how the circuses are operated behind the scenes: "According to congressional testimony given by former Beatty-Cole elephant keeper Tom Rider, "[I]n White Plains, N.Y., when Pete did not perform her act properly, she was taken to the tent and laid down, and five trainers beat her with bullhooks." It shows how the circus treated the elephant if the elephant does not follow orders. Most circuses have elephants because they are the common animals in the circus which brings PETA to interview a former elephant keeper. Another former circus employee PETA interviews is Archele Hundley. She worked with Ringling Bros. as an animal trainer and quit after claiming to know what the animals go through with trainers. Hundley said, "Ringling Bros. 'believes that if they can keep these animals afraid, they can keep them submissive.'" The circus harms the animals to help itself. Providing information from former employees gives credibility to PETA to tell the audience that the circus abused its animals.
PETA is effective in many ways, although it's unreasonable by being unfair with involving an undercover investigation. In being unfair, "Video footage shot during a PETA undercover investigation of Carson & Barnes Circus showed Carson & Barnes’ animal-care director, Tim Frisco, as he viciously attacked, yelled and cursed at, and shocked endangered Asian elephants." Conducting an undercover investigation shows that the organization approach is unethical. PETA is all about being ethical, yet when it comes down to researching and data it fails at reaching its

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