People, Great Company, Crappy People

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My favorite saying in business is “great people, great company, crappy people…” I’ll let you fill in the blanks. It starts with a vision, your vision and your desire to make a difference. Wait, what difference? In your life or others? Entrepreneurs tend to have an unrealistic view of their vision and think why doesn 't everyone see what I see? Why doesn 't everyone do what I do? Then one day it becomes real, one person can see it with you. Then another, then two more and pretty soon you have a business full of employees that want to see it grow. Then it happens, you hire ‘crazy’! And crazy has two friends that you hire and soon crazy is running the show. Why does this happen? Why do we let this happen? Typically it 's because the business lacks profit and we are too scared to get rid of crazy, so we let them tell us what to do, how to do it and with whom we are going to do it with. The challenge is that no matter what our vision is the outside world is going to try and destroy it. It is just human nature. We have to surround ourselves with people that share our values and our vision. If not, your vision is distorted and soon your dream becomes a nightmare. You struggle and make decisions based on what they want not what your business design was meant to be. Let me give you a simple example, we focus on helping hairdressers every day. If I hire someone that wants us to serve beauty supplies, would it work? Of course it wouldn 't! So, no matter how good they are, I can 't

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