People Harsh On Others

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In this world we live in, people are just uneasy with things that go against them. John Doe, a student at a college had a teacher which fits the previous statement. That’s because if anything people can help stutters with, it would be patience. People are losing patience for small things that needn’t any force to get them through. Many examples in history have been recorded, but I guess people are not learning from examples. A case that matches the uneasy patience with things is with stutters. This case is very easy to deal with, but people tend to ignore it. That leads to a very narrow path for people with stutter problem to go through. The problem is very dangerously ignored that ignoring it is the danger itself.
John Doe, was depressed by his teacher when he raised his hand trying to ask a question. She turned his motivations down by not call on him after raising his hand for a very long time. “He kept his hand aloft for much of the 75-minute session, but the professor did not call on him.” (Pena 517) After class, she sent him an email telling him to not talk in class as it takes other student’s time and distracts the learning environment. “What learning environment I should ask?” He was there to learn! But it turns out that his teacher didn’t except people to take long when asking questions. This really makes it difficult to explain, as the teacher is always there to teach, even if it takes some time.
I believe that John Doe, a victim of censorship. That’s because no
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