People Have Many Names For Me

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People have many names for me. Since the feed went live bored housewives and Bible Thumpers have been attached to their television screens, learning all about me on the news. After those first couple two-hour segments, you’d recognize me anywhere. That popular Anchor, you know the one who wears a mortgage payment of a three-piece suit with what’s left of his hair dyed black and gelled across his scalp to counter male pattern baldness, he said this was a sign of where society is heading. He said this is what social media is doing to your children. Things like this didn’t happen when he was a boy. He called us evil. He called me a monster. He called it the story of the century. Fourteen years into the new millennium and the…show more content…
I should be in Cancun, cooking to a nice golden-brown on white sand while drinking an unknown liquor a dark-skinned bartender hid inside some fruity concoction. But, instead of all that, I’m here, sitting at a stainless steel table in an interrogation room that’s so small you inhale your exhales. This is what everything has led to. This is my retirement. I should have ended it when I had the chance. Screw your conscience. The deal offered: reveal her name and their intentions then maybe, just maybe, the judge will be kind enough to let me die in a cell. Or with a little the Public Defender will reach an agreement with the State Prosecutor for a padded room with a view where I’ll be provided free, tax-paid meals for the next fifty years. All that can be mine if I cooperate, but I’m not. I’ve gone mute. So, an equal part Sodium Thiopental and Pancuronium Bromide cocktail followed by a shot of Potassium Chloride is the only deal available. I should be in Sweden. You do not deserve happiness. In truth, I’m not capable of disclosing that information even if I wanted, but none of it matters, now. Not anymore. Not for me at least. Mason could be anywhere by now with a new name and history and enough
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