People Have The Right Of Bear Arms !

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Tristen Samson
Mrs. Swenson
English 11 College Bound
28 September 2015
People Have The Right to Bear Arms!
There are a lot of people that don’t feel safe out there in the world when they are by themselves.The people need to have the right to Bear Arm in order protect themselves from all of the crazy violence that happens everyday out in the world. People need to have the right to bear arms for self defense in order to protect themselves from home invaders, and robberies, and rapist. The people of the Unites States have the right to feel safe in the world and they should not have to be scared if a shooting is going to happen or not. There has been a lot of random shooting throughout America, for instance a shooting just happen up in Organ at a community college, after the shooter killed and injured some of the college students in Organ he committed suicide.There is a lot more shootings that has happen in this past year, there has been 18 mass shootings in 2015 alone, According to the So the people should have the Right to Bear Arms in the United States of America.
The Right to Bear arms was intended to protect us from the government. So the foundation for right to bear arms is that the government should not be allowed to take the right to bear arms away from us! Well how does this apply to us today? Well in order to purchase a gun you must to be 18 and you also can not have any felons of any kind, but when you purchase a gun you will get
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