People Influence Me

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Everyone starts out their life headed in their own direction. After time passes, other people influence us and lead us either in the right direction or lead us down a road of destruction. There are many people who have influenced us in our lives and the direction of our lives are going. Some lead us in a good way, and others lead us toward a long, hard way. A few people have guided me astray from my path and have lead me to trouble. A majority of people I know who are more active in my life, have been the ones helping me find my path to success once again and try to make me stay there. I feel that most of the people on my life have lived by this quote from the Dalai Lama, "Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And is you …show more content…
Those who have pets know that even though you cannot communicate with their pets, their pets and them grow closer and closer the longer they live together. Pets grow to become members of the family. My family and I have owned many different animals, and sadly many of them have passed away. There have been two dogs, one cat, two gerbils, and one hermit crab that have died in our family. I do not remember all of them personally, but one that I do remember was one of the dogs, named Ziggy. He was a Shih Tzu and he grew to be one of my best friends. Him and I played for hours outdoors in the summer, played inside when the weather was bad, and he slept with me at night. My parents were always surprised about how close Ziggy and I were right from the moment I was brought home from the hospital. My mother took many pictures of Ziggy just laying next to me on a blanket, or even him lying next to my crib or playpen. Growing up together, Ziggy and I became closer and closer. When I was 7, Ziggy began to show his age and had to be put down, and I felt as though I was losing my best friend. Ziggy, although he was not human, taught me that not matter how close you get to somebody or something, that person or thing may not always be there for you. The people that you may be closest to may have something happen to them, such as death, injury, or disease, that may disable people to be there for you. That was a
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