People Judge Appearances Essay

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December 2, 2008
“A Smile Is Worth So Much More” People often judge or misperceive others appearances in a less than equal manner before they even know the true nature of the person. Every day we make assumptions by what we can see physically. Even in the supermarkets, we distinguish good products from bad products based on how they look. We are apt to choose good-looking products because they don’t have flaws, cracks, and bruises. Moreover, we assume them to have good qualities and good tastes. Actually, taste doesn’t deal with its looking. However, we bias in favor of assuming human nature. Since people judge human beings based on how they look, it is called prejudice. In fact, prejudice just disadvantage
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For example, a person could be vulgar and uncouth. Many people find this kind of behavior offensive of course, but some may find it relieving that a person could be so honest to how they feel by not holding back. In the matter of being too nice, I have found that through high school and my time in college I always have been seen as the "nice guy." Everyone has always seen me as the nice person. Sometimes it is aggravating to be called that but I rather have that than some other name with a negative connotation. Some friends have introduced me to their friends as "Crecencio the nice guy," which totally limits me in the very beginning of our relationship. It is true that I do care for other people's feelings and ideas. I just try to be the best "Guy" that I can be, not by religion or by influence, but that is just how most Pisces are. I cannot help it; it is just how we are. That may not be the real reason, but I do not know where I get it. Being known as such a nice person also has its disadvantages on the dating scene also. I have no clue why it is, but most woman want the "nice guy" as just a friend for a shoulder to cry on or the friend that they can tell their most deepest and darkest secrets too. Sometimes I really ask myself "why do they do that?" Who knows the real reason; every woman has a different reason for why doing this.
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