People Or Penguins : The Case For Optimal Pollution By William F. Baxter Essay

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In the paper “People or Penguins: The Case for Optimal pollution” written by William F. Baxter, Mr. Baxter says that usually what benefits us sometimes also benefits our environment. He says that in a serious outreach to eliminate pollution or to do something, questioning your objective does not support the action you want to take. When someone proposes a solution or something that they want to accomplish it is not educated of us to question their resolution, and amongst everyone it is viewed as imprudent commit such an action. Not everyone comes up with the same ideas, so most of the time there will be conflicts when we are debating over possible solutions. These conflicts inhibit the ideas of each person involved. William F. Baxter sets forth four goals that he says “frame the solutions to problems of human organizations.” “1. The spheres of freedom, 2. Waste is a bad thing, 3. Every human being should be regarded as end rather than as a means to be used for the betterment of another, and 4. Both the incentive and the opportunity to improve his share of satisfactions should be preserved to every individual” (pgs. 355-356). He states that the starting point of any analysis is with people individually their own separate “unit”. He says that most decisions about what is going to be done should be thought of to the benefit of human beings, and how the action taken is going to affect us. Farther on, in the reading he explains that in order to fix things in one area another

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