People Problems at Hei Essay

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Organizational Behavior Case: People Problems at HEI Case One 1. On the basis of the limited information in this case, how would you assess the efficacy, optimism, hope resiliency, and overall psychological capital of Rob? Of the operations manager? Give some specifies to back you assessment. What implications do these assessments have for the future of HEI? Based on the limited information provided, Rob is very efficient. He wants to look for alternatives that benefit the company. He is willing to contact and look into information that could help the company grow. Rob has demonstrated large amounts of optimism. He has a new vision for the company. He wants to take HEI from being a low-tech bed and metal furniture manufacturer that…show more content…
It is amazing that Rob is so driven about the company. He sees that HEI is in trouble and wants to change things. Rob and finance managers have a different view on the progression of the company. They have to come to a form of agreement or HEI will suffer. 3. Do you agree with Rob’s decision? Would you like to work for him? Why or why not? I agree with Rob’s decision to make changes to the company. The company has been around for 35 years. It is time that HEI move into a new direction. The medical industry is constantly changing therefore; the company must change as well. I would definitely work for Rob. He has great ideas for the company. I would want to be a part of the changes and help the company. 4. If you were Ashley, what specific program would you make to Rob? How would you implement such a proposal? If I were Ashley, I would create a program that focuses on self-esteem and team building. I would formulate a serious of exercises to implement this goal. Small groups would be formed to create a new way to revamp a current product. The groups are allowed to be as unorthodox as they desire. The focus isn’t the product itself but the team being able to work together. This sort of exercise is meant to inspire confidence in one’s self. Once an individual feels confident it shows in their work. People will then be inclined to take more risks because they are confident in their abilities. Therefore, members in company can become more positive about Rob’s
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