People Rely On Technology Too Much

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People Rely on Technology Too Much Technology has rapidly progressed and has become a big part of everyday life. From cell phones to self-driving cars, technology is relied on every minute of everyday. People are starting to depend on technology so much that soon, they will not be able to do anything themselves. Instead of doing basic things people are texting instead of talking. Selfies instead of socializing. Screens instead of success. Some may say that technology makes life more easier and makes the world a better place, but others disagree. People are too reliant on technology because it causes people to not live in the moment, it causes people to not interact face to face, and it causes loss of basic motor skills. People have become overly dependent on technology by not being able to live in the moment anymore. For instance, people who are watching a performance are most likely to be on their phones posting pictures about it on social media. As stated by Huffington Post, “According to T-Mobile, 47 percent of any guided audience text others during a show, while 32 percent engage in social media during a show”(Silva 2014). To advance further, a large phone network is saying that a percentage of an audience are not paying attention to the performance and instead are busy on their devices. By being on their phones they are not enjoying the show and are missing a once in a lifetime opportunity. People who miss these experiences with friends or family, will regret it
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