People Should Perceive War As An Unnecessary Diplomatic

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People should perceive war as an unnecessary diplomatic maneuver that simply scars all under its influence. The horrors of war are innumerable with each one determined to ruin the lives of soldiers, their families, and civilians. All Quiet on the Western Front displays this truth such that it awakens the most nationalistic warmonger. The barbarities of war can come in three forms: physical, mental, and through the aura of manipulation. The physical horrors include the gory combat wounds, the ghastly sights of corpses, blood, and annihilation, and the weapons created and utilized purely for harm. The mental horrors consist of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, the loss of innocence in young men, and animalization. Finally, the fact that…show more content…
The weapons often caused inhumane suffering in both soldiers and civilians. Some include intoxicating mustard gas that gave victims a slow, painful death and shrapnel and explosives that would obliterate fighters to where one “could scrape them off the wall of the trench with a spoon and bury them in a mess-tin.”(128) Similar physical horrors are affecting both soldiers and civilians today, with the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria. For example, Major Ben Richards was an intelligent military officer who suffered multiple concussions while fighting in Iraq. Upon coming home, his time of combat took a toll on him, giving him various ailments from fainting spells to relationship problems. Doctors later diagnosed him with traumatic brain injury. (Kristof) This comes to show how war still ruins lives for soldiers and their families today. War also traumatizes mere civilians in war zones. A heartbreaking example comes in the form of a five-year old boy named Omran Daqneesh. Just a few months ago, rescuers freed him from the rubble from an airstrike in Aleppo. (Kim) Covered in dust and blood, he was lucky to be alive as some of the other children with him passed away. (Kim) This best represents just some of the horrors civilians in

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