People Talk About Change All Of The Time And More Often

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People talk about change all of the time and more often than not change does not occur. The majority of people do not take action for any change to happen. Many schools are failing as student’s needs are not being met by the school system. Supporting the changes needed to raise students in a successful environment need to be addressed by the school board and the surrounding community. By the time college approaches, students realize that they are not prepared for college. These students then scramble to get acclimated to a higher standard of education. They soon learn that if they do not adapt fast enough they will not make it once they enter into college. On the other side of things, many students do not desire a higher education…show more content…
While many U.S. schools struggle with diversity, Denver South students do not discriminate one another, while respecting cultural and religious differences. In addition to this there are many schools who struggle to have diversity. In the case of one school, “Over the past forty years years, these policy makers have completely ignored issues of racial segregation while focusing on high stakes accountability, even as our schools have become increasingly segregated and unequal (How racially Diverse Schools and Classrooms Can benefit All Students 3/20/2017).” Diversity in schools are evolving, but yet the system is failing because schools are not bringing diverse students together, which is causing separation and reverting back so segregation. Though this issue spreads across schools nationwide Denver South has no difficulties bringing diverse teens together. For example, “Denver South’s minority percentage is 75% of the school (” According to the article, (How racially Diverse Schools can benefit all students), “50% of the nation’s population is white and non hispanic, which means half of the U.S. population is minority. The problem in this is that not all these schools are integrated, which does not make any sense due to the minority population. South still remains the top dog in the diversity
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