People View Things In All Different Types Of Ways. When

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People view things in all different types of ways. When doctors pledge to “Do no harm,” you assume that every doctor came to the same conclusion in deciding what is the most ethically “right” decision. However, it is way more complex than that. People’s views of “right” from “wrong” varies. Coming to some type of an agreement is harder than what it seems, because you have to consider a lot of factors. The different factors that you have to think about when a group of people are making a decision is their morals, religion, culture, and many more. Making a decision that is going to affect people, and their loved ones is hard. It would be difficult to make that type of choice. Now even think about making some type of decision with a group…show more content…
Since you are killing a person this would be going against this theory. The people who follow this believe would not want to assist in this suicide. Fifty-four percent of doctors favor things that aid you in dying. “Provided there is no shred of doubt that the disease is incurable and terminal, I would support a patient’s decision to end their life, and I would also wish the same option was available in my case should the need arise” (NBC News). Some doctors way of thinking is they only want to help people. NBC News also stated this, “Physicians are healers. We are not instruments of death. This is wrong.” This person is in a lot of pain, and is only given six weeks to live. They are just making it so she doesn’t have to deal with the pain anymore. Religion has a huge factor on what people think. This article stated, “Those who considered religion very important in their lives were much less likely both to support legalization and to consider personal involvement in assisted suicide” (Blank). Religion is one of the factors that allow people to draw conclusion on what they think should we done in these types of situations. Then you have the theory of ethical relativism. This theory’s morality depends on the culture you come from. In the PowerPoint it stated, “We should not pass judgment on practices in other culture when we don’t understand them.” In other words it is important

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