People Watching Movies For Different Entertainment

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People watch movies for different entertainment reasons. Kids love to watch movies with their families, the movie props, and animation in the movie. Teens enjoy the characters, the content, and movies that aim towards them. Adults relish emotion, re-watching movies, and movies that remind them of their childhood memories. Movie genres such as comedy, educational and horror can fall into all these aspects. Even though some movies are poor acting or seem nonsensical to one, movie genre such as comedy, educational and horror, entertain differently for kids, teens, and adults. There are many varied types of genre movies that Hollywood producers produce to engage their audience. Comedy movies make people laugh throughout the movie. History and biography tell the story of the events that may have happened in a major event or the personal life of a person. Horror and thriller movies scare people keeping one on their toes throughout the movie. Many of these genres intertwine, such as Home Alone is a comedy and family genre. I Know What You Did Last Summer is a horror, mystery, and thriller all in one. Pearl Harbor is an action, drama, and history altogether. To emphasize, different genres of movies set out to entertain not always for in one way but many. These are a few of many movie genres and different groups of people who aim to watch various genres different reasons explained. Kids entertain by different genres of movies for different reasons. One way kids entertain is
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