Essay on People Will Do Almost Anything to Lose Weight

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Drastic weight loss seems almost impossible to accomplish when one chooses to lose weight naturally. This is because naturally losing weight takes time in allowing the body to adapt to lifestyle changes one undergoes in a diet. Losing weight is all a matter of decreasing your calorie intake, consuming less than you burn. However, some people feel the need to take shortcuts using minimal effort with great results. Such results would be an effect from stimulants, diet pills, starvation and medical assistance. Many of these methods that are utilized for losing weight are not advised, but it just demonstrates that people will do almost anything to lose weight. A huge industry in the United States is one of the most popular attempts in weight…show more content…
Bulimia could also be caused by the misuse of laxatives, enemas and diuretics. Bulimics also use ipecac syrups to induce vomiting for poisonous purposes. Some bulimics have died for using ipecac syrup on a daily basis. Malnutrition will force the body to drop weight quickly but it is very ineffective as a way to lose weight. Many people seek for extreme measures with surgical support. Liposuction is the most common procedure yet others prefer reducing the size of the stomach restricting the amount of food one can consume. Surgery is a guarantee for removing excess body fat. Liposuction is a plastic surgery technique removing fats through a suction tube. Other procedures that is available for weight loss is the Gastric Bypass and the Lapband. Gastric Bypass surgery basically creates a smaller stomach from the existing one with aid from staples. The lapband seems to be much more preferable because this method does not require staples. Instead, a band is placed around the stomach and is able to be removed or easily adjusted. Additionally is a common technique, Mesotherapy. This method is a non-surgical procedure that contains numerous injections into the fat and tissue underneath the skin. These injections contain medicines, vitamins, and minerals to diminish cellulite and excess weight. Nothing else is more extreme than surgery. Obese individuals will have to resort to the proposition to transform their eating habits. Whatever happened to eating properly and
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