People With Developmental Disabilities

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What assets appear to be a recognized and logical resource for people with a developmental disability? Some of the assets that are recognized and logical resources for people with disability are Banks cause every person with disability uses the bank services to receive their benefits and save for their goals and future, at the same time people with disabilities are valuable customers for the banks. As well libraries are great community centre to borrow some books, video tapes and even join a class, a group of interest or activities like knitting groups or languages classes. Moreover libraries demonstrate, promote and advocate for inclusion. In return people with disability make the library richer space with the gifts they bring to it. Another…show more content…
Another asset that is underutilized by people with developmental disability is the local member of parliament as its rare for a person with disability to write to the MP and request a change, however if many letters were sent to a politician on the same issue it will put a pressure on the politicians to push for a change. What assets do you think that people with a developmental disability could be a particular asset to? People with developmental disabilities are assets to so many associations, organizations, clubs and much more for example churches. People go to church for prayers and healing, and because people with disabilities are known to be healers in very unique ways, this makes the congregation stronger. Another way is being a healer to some individuals, throughout my career I saw some people who had been suffering from Cancer, Dementia or life hardship and got in touch or volunteered with people with developmental disabilities, that was a changing point in their lives, they became happier, found a meaning and reduce their pain and
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