People With Disabilities: A Policy Analysis

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As better technologies and medicines are coming into existence year by year, the average human life span is increasing at a rapid rate. With these advancements comes an increase in the world population, adding to an already overcrowded society. While the longer life span is good for many, it can be a little problematic for some groups who have difficulty getting access to the necessities they need to live a successful life. One of these groups is people with disabilities. The number of individuals who live with disabilities is anticipated to increase due to the better medical treatments and practices (Raub et al. 203). Policy analyst, Amy Raub, along with her colleagues recognize the importance of the constitutional rights of people with disabilities…show more content…
While not outwardly condemning laws regarding disability rights, Bernstein dedicates her article to the negative effects that have come from expanding the amount of disabilities covered in said laws. In an attempt to ban discrimination against people with disabilities, Congress passed the ADA in 1990 (Bernstein 124). However, in 2008, “Congress broadened the scope” of the ADA and the new version was called the ADA Amendments Act or ADAAA (Bernstein 124). Under this new act, significantly more conditions could be considered a disability and more people could receive compensation benefits (Bernstein 126). Bernstein believes the ADAAA has hindered people with disabilities from finding a job because employers “fear hiring those who have even the slightest “disability,” instead increasing the rate of unemployment for those with real disabilities” (126). Employers are becoming increasingly cautious of hiring those who have a disability because of the possible litigations and lawsuits that could follow them. This is due to the fact that many ailments and conditions that were not initially considered disabilities are now thought to be a disability. Some people with these conditions are saying they are…show more content…
Raub believes in the importance of treaties in helping people with disabilities whereas Bernstein questions how much aid they really give to those who truly need assistance. However, the main goal of both articles is to bring awareness to people with disabilities and getting them the help and rights they deserve. It is imperative to have laws in place that enable individuals with disabilities to get basic human rights such as education, health care, job opportunities, and any other necessities required. Without these laws, individuals with disabilities would suffer even more discrimination and have a more difficult time finding jobs and opportunities. Bernstein believes a “direct result of the broader ‘disability’ definition is that employers are now less inclined to hire a disabled person” (Bernstein 141). This may seem true being that unemployment rates are significantly lower in people with disabilities, however, these rates would be much higher without laws protecting people with disabilities. This would be due to the fact that employers would not be lawfully bound to hire someone who has a disability as long as they can do the same job to a certain extent. As Raub and her associates state in their article, “denial or restriction of employment rights [was] one of the most
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