People With Strong Time Management Skills Make More Money

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People with strong time management skills make more money and get more done than people who don’t have them. Good time managers prioritize their time in order to get their most important tasks done on or before the deadline. As a bonus, people with good time management skills also tend to have more free time in the long run. They do the 20% of the tasks that get them 80% of the results. This leaves time for other matters. If you’d like to manage your time better, here’s what you need to know. What are Time Management Skills? Time management is a skill that allows you to prioritize your time in such a way that your most important tasks get done. Any time you have left over after all of your “must-dos” are completed can be then used to…show more content…
The most efficient self-employed professionals (as well as college students and managers) are able to put each task in context in such a way that they all of them done on time. How Much Time is Spent on Planning? suggests that the average person should spent at least 30 minutes a day on planning the day. Additionally, the plan should include prioritizing work that produces the most results for that person. The article also suggests that the savvy time manager actually builds in time for interruptions. That said, this same person knows what boundaries to put into place in order to get the most done. That could mean a sign posted on the door that says, “Do not disturb” to not answering the phone when it rings. In the latter case, the good time manager calls back when the other tasks are done. Finally, the tasks that give you the most benefit should get time every day. In other words, if you have a big project that’s going to make you a great deal of money plus a lot of smaller ones that won’t net you as much, always work some on the big project. This holds true even if the deadline for the smaller projects is sooner than the big project. This doesn’t mean that you’ll avoid doing the smaller projects, but that you don’t put off working on the big project because of the size and scope of it. Proper time management will help you allot time for this. Ways to Manage Your Time Better Good time management
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