“People are complex and cannot be completely understood through the lens of a Meta or grand theory– i.e. Psychoanalytic or behavioural. Critically discuss”

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Introduction In counselling and psychotherapy there are more than 400 distinct models with methods of practice ranging from one to one counselling, group therapy, couples or family therapy, online therapy and over the telephone counselling. Depending on which school of thought the therapist is following, each therapy engages the client from a different angle. Each school has its own rationale and specific techniques but there are common components which are shared across all approaches Research has shown that there is little evidence for the superiority of one school over another (Assay and Lambert, 1999). It is the similarities rather than the differences that account for the observation that all psychotherapeutic approaches are…show more content…
Person centred therapy is a relationship therapy and these core conditions are ingredients for the formulation of an effective therapeutic relationship. Other factors were mentioned over the years to be essential ingredients for the therapeutic relationship including: ‘presence’, boundaries, sensitivity and consistency but the three core conditions have remained integral to the person centred approach to practice (McLeod, 2011). Gestalt therapy is another humanistically oriented approach to therapy. Like person centred therapy, it rejects psychoanalytic ideas and emphasises humanistic values such as individual freedom, creativity and expression of freedom (MY McLeod Book).The originator of Gestalt therapy was Fritz Perls (1893-1970). The therapy highlights the importance of increasing clients’ awareness. Rather than aiming towards insight and interpretation it focuses toward understands ones own emotions through a journey of discovery. It looks at the wholeness of the person and relies on the here and now experience. Gestalt therapy practice includes awareness techniques (For example, “two-chair work) and experiments and this is one particular area which divides gestalt therapy from person centred therapy. Gestalt therapists believe in inviting the client to experiment through in session techniques of behaviour and awareness. On the other hand, person centred therapy views this experimentation as directive and shifts focus away from the client. It is successful
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